S24805 Shampoo Chair

S24805 shampoo chair

Modern fashion blended in comfort furnishes with simplicity.

A perfect shampoo chair doesn’t only provide comfort but also symbolizes the modern sense of a shop. Flagship Shampoo Chair is curved in arc and blended in three elements: Handling convenience, comfort, and stylish modeling. It is the only one main body shaped in double based and stair-like design in this industry. The main fixtures like armrest and footrest are made in aluminum alloy for the special color and quality of metal that deftly matches the main body and brings in the simplicity of modernism.

Length:1700mm / Width:640mm / Height:915mm



Aluminum armrest. The seat is perfect fit for human body curve.

Vibration massage seat (optional)

Shiatsu massage seat (optional)


38 CM deep funnel-styled sink drains water down and prevents sprinkling.

Silicone soft head cushion and neck cushion



Round-shape footrest