S24001-SPA Shampoo Chair

S24001-SPA shampoo chair

Tangible outfits in the simplicity of modernism.

Following the modern simplism, Refined Shampoo Chair opts for the simple patterns instead of complicate ones. In addition to offering the basic colors, such as full black and red-white mixture, we also provide leather custom design service by your request, which makes this essential equipment into the decoration centerpiece of the whole shop while symbolizing the modern sense.

Length:1880mm / Width:640mm / Height:915mm



The seat is perfect fit for human body curve.

Vibration massage seat (optional)

Shiatsu massage seat (optional)


38 CM deep funnel-styled sink drains water down and prevents sprinkling.

Silicone soft head cushion and neck cushion



Extendable footrest.

SPA footrest cushion (optional).